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14 August 2010

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Latest Horse Racing Strategy Articles

There must be almost an infinite number of  ways in which the bettor can analyse a Horse Race. The Internet has enabled us to study a phenomenal  amount of data and stats compared to the mid nineties and all at the click of a button. Fundamental principles still apply though, course form, distance, fitness, going, etc these are still the major variables up for consideration. Form study is a vital part of successful betting but is not all that needs to be addressed when studying a Horse Race. The second, and arguably the most important  ingredient.....Read full Article

Strategy Articles: How to create your own Betting Forecast ( Tissue )  By the online punter team

Strategy Articles: Two simple to use Lay betting Staking Plans...  By the online punter team

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Many “self proclaimed” professional gamblers selling systems on the Internet will have you believe that their product will have you winning thousands of pounds from horse racing/sports overnight! This type of system is always accompanied by a “unique staking plan” that can turn your £100 into £100 000 in no time. 99% of the time the “unique staking plan” is a loss recovery type plan. It will involve putting all your losses from the previous ... Read full Article  


Strategy Articles : The Summer Maidens Flat laying system.  By  the online punter team

As the name suggests, the “summer maidens” flat lay system focuses on laying short priced horses competing in UK and Irish maiden races during the flat racing season. This logical betting system has produced consistent profits at an average of 16% return on investment since 2004... Read Full Article


Welcome, the online punter.co.uk is run by a team of racing enthusiasts dedicated to providing high quality information for UK and Irish Horse Racing. We advise back and lay bets, Scoop Six selections, and Ante-Post tips 100% free on a daily basis. We also regularly publish free betting systems and strategy articles and welcome contributions to this area of the site.

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We will soon be launching our premium tips e-mail service NOW ONLINE The service will offer excellent value for money and will include an extended free trial whilst we proof our selections to Racing Index.com. Visit the Premium Tips page for more info. Please contact us at admin@theonlinepunter.co.uk if you have any questions regarding this service.  


Recent Site winners...

              DN= Free Daily Nap Selection     PT= Premium Tips (e-mail service)


DN  07/08/10  Viking Warrior  @ 7/4  2.82 BSP


PT  02/08/10  Miami Gator  @  9/4  3.50 BSP


PT  30/07/10  Kalellshan  @ 11 / 4  4.00 BSP


PT  29/07/10  Hurricane Thomas  @ 11 / /4   4.41 BSP


DN  26/07/10  Wake up Call  @11/10   2.03 BSP


PT  23/07/10  Makena  @ 4/6  1.74 BSP


PT  21/07/10  Amical Risks @ 7/1 E/W 3rd


DN  21/07/10  Rutterkin @ 3/1   4.50 BSP


PT   20/07/10  Impersonator   @   9/4  3.75  BSP


DN  19/07/10  Allanah Abu  @ 6/5   2.42 BSP


PT  15/07/10  Fasion Icon  @ 4/1  6.36 BSP


PT  15/07/10  Piazza San Pietro  @ 3/1  4.08 BSP


PT  13/07/10  Final Day  @ 4/6 1.68 BSP


PT  08/07/10  Tazeez  @ 5/1 E/W 3rd


DN  08/07/10  Mount Athos  @ 1 /4  1.29 BSP


DN  07/07/10  Queen of Spain  @ 2/7  1.30 BSP


PT  06/07/10  Off Chance  @ 8/1 E/W 1st  9.47 BSP


PT  06/07/10  Kirkhammerton  @  1.97 BPSP  place only


PT  05/07/10  Solenm   @ 1.56 BPSP  place only


PT  03/07/10   Dunno  @ 10/1 E/W 3rd


PT  03/07/10  Sunnyside Tom  @ 11 / 2  E/W 3rd


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